Concerning New Air Affaires Gabon

Raymond Bellanger came to Gabon in 1972 where he decided to set up his business and invest. He was a pilot by profession and was automatically attracted to aviation.
  • 1975 Creation of AIR AFFAIRES GABON by His Excellency Albert Bernard Bongo and Mr. Raymond Bellanger ;

    1996 Liquidation and merger between AIR AFFAIRES GABON (2AG) and GABON AIR TRANSPORT (GAT) and the creation of NOUVELLE AIR AFFAIRES GABON (N2AG or 2AG as it was traditionally called);

    1975 to 1996 Chairman and Executive Director (CEO): Mr. Raymond Bellanger ;

    1996 to the present, Chairman of the Board of Directors: Mr. Dossou Aworet, Mrs. Dossou Naki;

    1975 to the present, the General Directors: Mr. Durastantini, Mr. Pieds Chaud, Mr. Bompare, Mr. Agostini, Mr. Vialaret, Mrs. Bongo Ondimba;

    1975 to the present, the Technical Directors: Mr. Tiebot, Mr. Garrido, Mr. Robert Paul, Mr. Grelaud, Mr. Chifunda, Mr Perreault; Mr. Horvath; Mr. Toure;

    1975 to the present, Assistant and Chief Pilots: Mr. Kakou, Mr. Caulier, Mr. Garnero, Mr. Tabillon, Mr. Arrighi, Mr. Leloup, Mr. Kobaissi, Mr. Taty, Mr. Cardoen; Mr. Carlos Da Silva; Mr. Thierry Maurin;

    2005 to the present, the Operations Directors: Mr. Steenaker, Mr Kouakoua, Mr. Abessolo Mvé; Mr. McGill; Mr. Lelièvre; Mr. Bond; Mr. Werkhoven; Mr. Darimont; Mr. Meye;

    1975: the first Gabonese and African employee: Mr. Koumba Mickala Charles

    1977: the first Gabonese and African pilots: Mr. Amalé, Mr. Coniquet, Mr. Meyé Jean Christian ;

    The First Gabonese Airline Stewardess: Ms. Oguera Laure.

  • Security
    N2AG delivers its services within a controlled and secured environment for clients.
    A few security measures applied on a daily basis:
    – Hangars for planes have regulated access.
    – Secured premises have controlled access.
    – Obligatory identification badges and SAS access.
    – Permanent surveillance of planes.
    – the terminal is equipped to verify and systematically filter all baggage  and passengers.

    Application of SMS (Safety Management System) is compliant with OACI Standards (Document N°9859).

    The company is included in Annex B of the European Union, and is listed in the IOSA Certification process.

    Quality is a permanent challenge that N2AG has accepted through the solemn commitment of the Managing Director.

    The application of the quality system in order to guarantee and improve services for the clientele concerning all international procedures and requirements in force. Internal and external audits are organized by the department according to an annual calendar, including, training, internships and awareness sessions for the technical personnel, or for all personnel.

    SN2AG is:

    • A story since 1975;
    • Well-known commercial value;
    • Private buildings and terminal with regulated access;
    • Knowledge and a signature;
    • CTA, LE, RAG 145 Maintenance Accreditation;
    • Well-managed Gabonese-run company;
    • Impressive assets.
  • Keeping up with Maintenance and Safety Checks: As airline manufacturers release service bulletins and alerts, respond on the website with completions or plans to complete them. This makes people feel good that the client is king and is being provided with quality service. 

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