Welcome to the official website of New Air Affaires Gabon

Welcome to the official website of New Air Affaires Gabon
March 28, 2017

Airline Company under Gabonese law based in Gabon at the International Leon Mba Airport.

Created in 1975, a pioneer in business aviation, the company offers medical evacuations (EVASAN) and chartered flights, or special flights requested at the last minute, depending on availability and the distance capacity of the aircraft on the continent. As a company, we operate our own planes or ACMI planes with partner airlines.

N2AG is in a promising sector, that is presently undergoing changes, characterized by a national domestic network having 27 airports, of which 3 are international airports: Libreville, Port-Gentil and Franceville.

Freight and passenger traffic, which is regular in spite of the economic slowdown, has led the Gabonese authorities to undertake a big investment project aiming at the modernization and enlarging of the Libreville and Port-Gentil Airports.

Importer of the majority of consumer products, air transport in Gabon remains to be a lucrative platform with real growth opportunities, obviously for the petroleum and mining industry, but also for ecotourism together with conservation programs, the increase in the frequency of the national parks and the building of hotel infrastructure, illustrating the development of the tourist sector wherein air transport is considered to have a 50% share of the value chain.

The management policy of N2AG can be summarized in this quote by Winston Churchill « A pessimist sees the problems in each opportunity, but an optimist sees the opportunities in each problem ».

If yesterday, the company was undergoing financial and social turbulence, today we can look into the future with great serenity and confidence.

In fact, the obtaining of our certification and the delivery of our Air Transport Certificate and Operator’s License, is a sign of our acceptance of the new challenges that lay ahead in a promising sector wherein strategic and technical alliances are the key to success in terms of meeting our clients’ needs. All of us together with our personnel are determined to please and to deliver.

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